Worrells is a firm dedicated to solvency management, insolvency administration and forensic investigation. Their proprietary technology is unrivalled in their profession. They also provide a wealth of general information and current news impacting on insolvency and fraud issues.


Worrells approached Oliver Black to develop a high quality, thought out website solution for their business. Following initial in-depth reviews of their current website, existing systems, and several workshops to gain first-hand understanding of operations, we developed a new fresh website, which was built from the ground up. The new website enabled Worrells to clearly and coherently communicate to their clients. The unique three tier structure on the homepage enables existing or future clients to really understand which areas from Worrells are suitable for them, but also it enables customers to navigate themselves successfully around the site, taking the suitable routes which are best suited for their needs.


We designed and developed a modern innovative website which is based around showcasing content on the fly that is specific to one of the 3 users groups they target. Accounting, Creditors & Business owners. Crafting a new journey for each user.
We designed and developed a new website for Worrells to clearly communicate with their clients.
Responsive Design
Custom building a responsive workflow and automation solution, we provided Worrells with the flexibility and accessibility required for smooth and efficient everyday operations.
Custom Integrations
Front End Dev
UI/UX Design
User Flow
By first assessing and analysing the company’s current standing, we were able to use our findings to effectively plan the rollout of the new website design.

Our Results

Contemporary Standard
An elevated presence that reflects that of a contemporary and pioneering company, reflected by the response of new business acquisitions and partnerships as a direct result of the refreshed look & feel.
Increase in Online Presence
Since initial launch there has been a 200% increase in user interaction, and positive user experience reported across all platforms.
One Solution
Delivering a complete package of services from design through to TVCs, we have supplied an effective solution for every medium and avenue they require from a business & marketing perspective to accurately portray their service.