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Oliver Black, a Full-Service Creative Advertising Agency which provides a myriad of Design, Digital, Marketing and Strategic services to small, medium & large businesses. Delivered by a team of Traditional Thinkers, Problem Solvers, Digital experts & Modern day designers.


Visually conveying the essence of a brand is an art. At Oliver Black we understand the importance of distinctive, innovative and meaningful design in capturing the right attention for your brand. Consistent, transferable and enduringly engaging, our expertly crafted design manifests the values of your company, creating something that will captivate your audience and stand the test of time...







Cloud Services


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Front & Back End Web Development




Style and substance are at the heart of what we do, and functionality is key to effective design in the digital arena. Responsive web design has become an indispensable element of successful branding in this ever-changing technological age, and consistent design that is transferable across all branding platforms is essential to ensure longevity and clarity of meaning...


Implementing the right method or plan to help you achieve your goals is imperative, and we understand that the best strategy is the one that is specifically tailored to your needs. At Oliver Black, we see branding as an innovative and inclusive way of thinking. By considering the mindsets of both the business and consumer, we establish a lasting relationship between the two through consistent and comprehensible design that conveys the very essence of your brand...

Analysis & Reporting

Planning & Development

Trends & Forecasts

Brand Positioning

Social Media Planning


Brand Tracking

Media Planning, Buying & Monitoring

Viral Campaigns

Market Profiling




Effective marketing is about seamless communication between your brand and intended market. At Oliver Black, we first develop an understanding about your target audience, and then strategise the best ways to reach them, helping you create a marketing plan specifically tailored to your business needs and goals. Knowledge and understanding of your business will give us perspective on your digital marketing performance, which we use to make informed tactical decisions with immediately effective results...

Case Studies

Arts Centre GC

The Arts Centre Gold Coast is the premier cultural facility, bringing visual and performing arts to residents of South East Queensland.



Paradigm Homes

Built around the values of trust and honesty, Paradigm Homes is a small family-run business based in Brisbane. As a small but exceptionally capable team, our combination of expert interior design skills and home building proficiencies are testament to great things coming in small packages.




USQ - Artsworx

University of Southern Queensland - Artsworx is an established and esteemed Queensland arts organisation delivering cultural experiences that inspire and enrich regional communities located in Toowoomba.




Worrells is a firm dedicated to solvency management, insolvency administration and forensic investigation. Their proprietary technology is unrivalled in their profession. They also provide a wealth of general information and current news impacting on insolvency and fraud issues.




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In the ever-changing world we live in, we can sometimes lose focus of what’s important amidst the fast pace of everyday life. Moments are rushed rather than savoured, details missed and quality forsaken for efficiency.

At Oliver Black, we think there’s something to be said for taking a breath, slowing things down a little and regaining focus. We know how much meaning lies in the smallest details, and while we’re constantly working to maintain our creative flow and ensure deadlines are met, we always make time to pause and take a closer look at the components that make up the bigger picture.

Our creative vision is one that looks forward to the future while keeping our history in sight, lessons learned and valued traditions influencing our innovations, goals and aspirations. We all strive to forge our own paths, carve our identities and nurture our expertise, but it’s important to remember where we came from. That’s why at Oliver Black we never forget that our history and tradition are what have made our creative journey possible.

Expertise and experience are at our heart, ever developing along with the character, values and style that are the essence of Oliver Black. We learn from our history and embrace our tradition to create innovative design for now and for the future.

Our Clients

Who is Oliver Black

Who is Oliver Black? A man? A fictional character? A state of mind?

He’s all of the above, and more. A gentleman in a bowler hat with the most impeccable moustache you’ve ever seen. The figure you see when you picture refined style paired with daring innovation. He exudes sophistication and effortlessness without entirely giving himself away; he leaves you wondering and wanting to know more.

It’s the details that make him remarkable. Take his three-piece suit, shined shoes and quirky socks just peeking between the two, add in a bowler hat and, of course, that moustache. Alone, they’re admirable; together, they’re incomparable. Refinement and originality unite, tradition and innovation align, style and substance collide; Oliver Black is the whole, wonderfully paradoxical package.

Just like the persona of Oliver Black, we can be anything and all you want us to be. Whether it’s  a minimalistic two-piece you’re after or the full coattails and hat, we’ll tailor our services to your precise measurements and business needs. We’ll meet your expectations, match your tastes and ultimately fit you with your entire bespoke business branding outfit.

From design to development to copywriting and more, whatever you require, Oliver Black promises the perfect brand and the perfect fit. Moustache and all.

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.

-- Dalai Lama --