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What is a Cache and how do i refresh it?

A Cache stores website history and information in order to make the site you are viewing load faster, this way the more times you visit the site the less new content you have to load. From time to time you may need to clear your cache to see any large changes we push, to do this go to preferences of the browser > Clear Cache or Browsing History. Note: this will reset all your history

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. Simply put, it is a web-based tool for you to manage the text, images, and other content within your website. We fully customise the area of our CMS to your project to make it more personal and easier to use.

What is a Beta Website?

A beta website is an early preview version of a website, not complete, and not yet replacing the previous website. During a beta phase, we are working hard to polish everything – the content, the navigation, the layout, and more.

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