We developed a creative and marketing campaign, alongside being approached for a rebrand across the whole company. Our job was reposition Telikom as the market leaders in Telecommunications within PNG.


We, designed and developed a comprehensive strategy on how the campaign will roll out. Transferring into digital execution, when, what and where the campaign will be seen / heard. The campaign uses the Telikom branding, and then later splits into the Corporate and Personal sides of the company. These are equally as important as each other, however they have different target markets, which is why the approach differs, whilst still following the campaign strategy. A different way of thinking was needed to cater to the native tongue of PNG and present the government run entity as a professional outfit providing the best solutions. The language needed to be clear and promote Telekom in a positive light, reaching out to the public who may not use their services currently. As a diverse public a number of different avenues were needed to cater to all, the approach was the same but the message slightly adjusted for each group.


The rebrand was vital to Telikom, to reinstate belief within the company and showcase to the various consumer groups a new way of thinking and approach to business and personal communication solutions. A well thought out strategy coupled with a strong creative campaign delivered this message.
Updating their current brand, we’ve enabled Telikom to be a progressive and exist as a modern identity for their customers.
Brand Architecture
Corporate Identity
By redefining themselves in a new digital space, we are provided designs which reached their online audiences in a clear pathway, showcasing their latest deals and services.
A new and reinforcing content and brand structuring is allowing Telikom to update their information with order and clear understanding.
Brand Architecture
Brand Positioning
Design Strategy
Social Media
Trends & Forecasts
Telikom's marketing material was updated with a sleek design and coherent structure.
Brand Storytelling

Our Results

New Clients
We met with the team to reinforce the importance of converting new site visitors into new clients and since reviewing the initial brand and digital presence, there has been a 50% increase in the conversion rate of new clients coming on board.
Unified Brand Identity
With the creation of new stationary, we have unified the brand internally and alleviated the confusion of internal documents. All documents are now easily recognisable and self-explanatory.
Significant increase in mobile user engagement and experience