Sealed Performance Batteries


Sealed Performance Batteries is an Australian family owned company providing customers with high-quality wholesale battery and energy storage solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the battery industry, they are proud to provide excellent customer service as well as top of the range batteries.


Since opening their doors to the battery industry, Sealed Performance Batteries grew to become the most trusted battery and energy storage solutions provider in Australia. With creating new and smaller brands under their umbrella over the last 20 years. SPB faced a division of identities, and faced internal and external confusion. SPB approached us in order to solve their disunification of their brands to remain as a dominant and bold company with a consistent identity. We felt that a brand makeover and refresh was necessary to help unify and centralise themselves and their smaller brands. Being a leader in the battery industry in Australia, had to be reflected in the business in order to keep up with a modern identity.
A rejuvenation of their brand was created to help unify their brand. This was to be rolled out both internally and externally.
Implementing a centralised brand enables SPB to be future proof. Their divisions are now clearly mapped out under the umbrella of SPB.
Brand Architecture
Brand Management
Brand Positioning
Planning, designing and executing print and digital media to be showcased to new and existing clients.
Brand Storytelling

Our Results

Establishing Brand Architecture
By having an in-depth guide provided by us, enabling them to produce consistent and engaging content to their consumer.
New Clients
We met with the team to reinforce the importance of converting new site visitors into new clients and since reviewing the initial brand and digital presence, there has been a 50% increase in the conversion rate of new clients coming on board.
New Vision
The rebranding has inspired a renewed sense of purpose, and the fresh approach to both internal and external stakeholders has seen them embrace the new brand and taking comfort in the direction of the company.