The Arts Centre Gold Coast



The Arts Centre Gold Coast is the premier cultural facility, bringing visual and performing arts to residents of South East Queensland.


The Arts Centre Gold Coast (TACGC) will become the cornerstone of stage one of the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct (GCCP) with existing infrastructure and offerings serving as the initial core of the precinct as the surrounds are developed. This transformation will not only see the surrounds of the TACGC developed but also include upgrades and extensions to the current TACGC itself.

With TACGC set to become part of the GCCP along with the City Gallery, Cinemas and Parklands, a new website is required that encompasses, facilitates and communicates the precinct in its short and long term progression. The site needs to include leading edge features, capabilities and a design focus that positions and communicates the GCCP as a highly progressive and world class cultural facility.

As the GCCP is a multifaceted project with existing, upcoming and future requirements, careful planning of the website at all levels is required. The selected agency is expected to undertake an adequate discovery phase to clearly define the objectives, information architecture, content deliverables and user stories around which the project can be adequately planned, designed, developed and managed.


TACGC required a new public facing website to be built combining and superseding the existing Arts Centre Gold Coast website while encompassing other existing and future aspects of the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct.

By refreshing the website, we wanted to remove the stigma The Art Centre Gold Coast had in it’s existing site and increase the appeal across all demographic groups. We developed a simple, modern, and mobile friendly experience.


In-depth research and exploration in order to craft a unique online user experience showcasing the offerings at The Arts Centre Gold Coast



Responsive Web Design


Custom built online digital solution that is responsive and adaptive to all user groups and demographics.

UI/UX Design



Our Results


Significant increase in mobile user engagement and experience


New refreshed online experience to showcase The Arts Centre Gold Coast’s diversity


Easy solution for internal management of each department and content

The Gold Coast is undergoing significant cultural change led by the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the development of a new Cultural Precinct. In order to accurately reflect this revitalisation The Arts Centre Gold Coast sought the expertise and guidance of Oliver Black to deliver a new website as part of a broader brand and awareness campaign. From the start Ryan and his team were able to sufficiently articulate our creative aspirations and interpret this into a coherent methodology that involved consultation with key stakeholders, benchmarking with leading online users and an exploration of our own brand values. The result was the development of a website that perfectly balances visual stimulation, intuitive navigation and emotive connections with the arts. My sincere thanks to Ryan and his team for their expertise and guidance throughout the project.

Destry Puia – General Manager, The Arts Centre Gold Coast